Hotel Argentino

Hotel Argentino

Rambla de los Argentinos, 20200 Piriápolis Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

The Hotel Argentino is in Piriápolis, where you can play the slots. They also have poker. There is also accommodation so you can stay the night if you wish!

The Hotel Argentino does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.

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Latest reviews

Diogo Ribeiro
Outstanding arquitecture but shouldn't be open for guests. The rooms are outdated, ugly, my room had a hole in the floor, a very bad shower with almost no water and pigeons at the windows of the rooms all nigh making noises, creepy and disgusting place, unfortunately
Rachel Hughes
My partner and I came here on holiday while driving the Uruguayan coast. We decided to stop and stay 2 nights here to only stay here 1 night. This place was roaming with children screaming. I didn't realize this was a family resort. The hotel was extremely outdated and the room walls were thin. This was my first time in Uruguay and I hadn't done the research. Great for families not DINKS (double income no kids).
Sebastián Haro
This was my first time there. I booked a room thinking this would be an outstanding experience, as the price was pretty high.

Unfortunately, this hotel is really depressing: everything is old and in bad shape. They don't have air conditioning in any room, everything needs to be painted or repaired, and the electrical installations are prehistoric.

Some rooms even have an old bath so high that it's definitely not suited for old or disabled people.

I really don't understand why they don't invest some money and make this hotel what is has the potential to be.

On the other hand, I must say that staff is friendly, so there's at least something positive to say about this place. And the location is algo perfect.
Juan Marziali
It is the most famous landmark of Piriapolis. It's really too bad that the current owners have let it fall into disrepair. The hotel was in much better shape twenty two years ago.
Loved their swimming pools but old rooms need maintenance. Hotel was working on that. Also they have removed latches in shared toilets near showers for preventing "panic attack" as someone got trapped there. Non-sense, what they need are latches that don't get stuck.