Casino Woodbine

Casino Woodbine

555 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L1, Canada

The Casino Woodbine is a casino in Toronto, Ontario where you can play the slots. They also have simulcasting. This venue has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5037 reviews, with the lastest ratings being between 1 and 5. It appears there are mixed reviews for the Casino Woodbine.

The Casino Woodbine does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.

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Latest reviews

Melissa Yuen
Place was so much better when they first opened. Since new owners took over, you can not win a thing and the place is dirty. Was sitting at a machine with a friend and there were roaches walking between the machines. Glad this place is closed for awhile. Hope they clean the entire place and the new owners relize if you want people to come back, you have to start paying out.
Winter Tarzan Jagrup
The people that work here are CAMH Patients . They need Help. They always give Rude Attitude for no reason . Always looking for and Begging for tips $. Management doesn't care about anything . Security guards are overly Agressive for no reason .
king love
Usually when I visit Toronto second day I'm in woodbine casino with brothers and cousins enjoying my vacation I like this place ??'?
Jaz Brooke
I went for my friends birthday and it doesn't seem like it's fully COVID proof. Place still feels kinda dirty but hey I won 350 so it balanced out ! Lol
CASINO RE-OPENING - Staff was totally disorganized. Stood outside for 30 minutes before we were told we could enter with our reservation. Lost play time. Maybe a good thing. Few slots to play, poor selection and saw no one winning(machines are tighter than a drum). Forget it if you thing your favorite slots are operating. NOT WORTH GOING until they open up fully!