Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Lal Durbar Marg 17, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

The Casino Royale is a casino in Kathmandu, where you can play the slots. They also have poker and tableGames. This venue has an average rating of 4.1 out of 417 reviews, with the lastest ratings being between 4 and 5. It appears the reviews for the Casino Royale are fairly consistent, showing that everyone appears to be reasonably happy with the Casino Royale.

The Casino Royale does not appear to have any published opening hours, but you may find some more information on their website.

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Latest reviews

ShareGyan सेयर ज्ञान
Good service
Deepak Raaj
It's a pretty neat place... Not the best of casinos is Nepal... But it's good... The food is good.. and the staff are well mannered... Over all a good experience whenever I come here...
Spencer Smith
There is a wide array of table games, some weird Japanese Chinese game with a screen in the table where you use a joystick to shoot fish, and a few slots.
For slots you exchange Indian or Nepalese currency for 8 rupee tokens to put into the slots. We played on a standard 777 bar bar bar type slot from Harrahs from the likely 70s Era. When you are done, you can exchange a minimum of 100 tokens back to the cashier to receive Nepalese bills.
There are no photos or video allowed in the casino and the employees hover over your shoulder. The place on a Sunday afternoon was empty but I had some hot tea, a bit of fun on the slots, and decent bathrooms when needed.
There were digital slot machines with a 1000 token minimum that I wish had more playability.
Nikhil khinchi
Best casino in Kathmandu
Service is also good
Far better than mahjong
Salman Rizwi
People looking for casino in Nepal should definitely go here. It is a good place to spend your evening on a poker table. Few people might not find the ambience up to their requirements can avoid visiting.